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Penicillin V is a narrow spectrum penicillin with a bactericidal activity against mainly Gram-positive bacteria. So, according to sensitivity tests , PHENOXYPEN is advised to be the drug of choice in cases of infectious diseases caused by Enterococcus- Cecorum, Pneumococcus and Streptoccocus Spp.

Withdrawl Period

Withdrawal time is only 1 day


Phenoxypen® WSP contains phenoxymethylpenicillin potassium (Penicillin V K) per gram,




The amount of Phenoxypen WSP (in grams) to be used per 1000 liters =68 mg (on day 1 and 2) or 46 mg (from the 3rd day on)Phenoxypen WSP/ kg of BW x average BW per animal (kg) x number of animals. It is adviseable to use the higher dose on day 1 and 2, as shown in the formula


Phenoxypen should not be used for rodents, since they are sensitive for penicillins. Phenoxypen is registered for the use in chickens, which do not produce eggs for human consumption. It is not advised to use for cats and dogs Phenoxypen should not be combined with bacteriostatic antibiotics, nor any other medicinal products.

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